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How to buy

Placement of an order is possible in the following ways:

  1. Independently via the website
  2. By phone 8-800-300-48-13 with the help of a manager

Acceptance of order:

  1. On the site - 24/7
  2. By phone - Monday through Friday from 9.00 to 18.00

The procedure for purchasing goods in our online store through the site is very simple and consists of several steps.

  • After selecting a product, click ADD TO CART - the product will be added to your cart.

    After completing the selection of products, click on the BASKET button.

    Your cart page will list the items you selected. In the QUANTITY field, you can change the quantity of an item to purchase.

    You can also remove any item from the cart or return to the selection of goods in the catalog.

    Then click on the button PLACE AN ORDER or BUY ON CREDIT

  • 2.1. Choice of delivery method

    You can choose a convenient delivery method for your order

    2.2. Entering contact information

    Here you must fill in the required fields (name, phone number, email address and comments)

    2.3. Then you can print or save to email. form your order form and choose the most convenient payment method.

  • You can choose a convenient payment method.

    3.1. Cash

    Payment is made in cash to the courier upon delivery or in the store upon pickup.

    3.2. Payment to current account

    Payment is made by bank transfer using our bank details.

    3.3. Online payment by payment card Visa and MasterCard

    The possibility of paying for purchases using Visa and MasterCard is now open. To do this, go to the shopping cart, enter the payment amount, and then click the "Pay" button.


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